3D dukker

3D dukker

Human Target TAT3D
TAT3D and ‘idea Patented of Adriano Peccini, gained over many years of experience in the field of training tactical. Crucial to realize this idea, ‘was the company’s support of familiars, the PECCINI SILVANO e F. snc, a dynamic and technologically-garde in the field of mechanical modelling and industry molds.

TAT3D has been designed and manufactured not from flat shapes, but scanning with optical scanners human models. This is associated with the complex process of reverse engineering and CAD design made it possible to obtain an effect of proportions and forms extremely realistic. therefore not two-dimensional, but three-dimensional

TAT3D and 'a system of Target very close to reality thanks to its scalability, allows you to create very real scenarios. Suitable training for selective operative shooting, dynamic shooting and Close combat training.

Why vision 3d
The visual process acquires a 3D image accordingly the action that follows becomes a result close to       real-life situations dynamics, and also extremely useful in operational environments; TAT3D makes to most of this concept.

Why the realism
The reaction takes place at a target 3D with the identification of a target that represents the human being and the motion around it, as well as the acquisition of the 3D target, leads to the choice where to strike transmitting sensations and emotions extremely close to reality.

Product and features

  • TAT3D is Patent pending  so unique and original in its proposals.
  • High resistance through the use of materials that absorb impact.
  • Its modularity allows you to replace parts eventualente too perforated, thus  increasing the life of the target.
  • TAT3D and ‘in system completely modular, full of accessories to recreate more’ scenarios.