Termiske skiver

Termiske skiver

ThermBright Thermal FUSION IR/I² Targets
ThermBright (Unpowered) Thermal FUSION IR/I² Targets depict a more detailed view than conventional heated targets. Specific shapes (Including 3D thermal targets) can be achieved to simulate different types of targets resulting in a more realistic live-fire experience.

The 3D thermal target variant is modular so reducing wastages. This ensures realistic live-fire experience. Using a remarkable new material, MJ Services has developed the ThermBright range of high contrast unpowered thermal targets.

They are totally unpowered and work by utilising reflected energy and radiations from space. Simply stick or pin the targets to a flat surface, and lean backwards ten degrees or more away from the firer. The thermal contrast effect is immediate, and the targets work night and day and in all weathers.

ThermBright targets are visible at ranges well in excess of 2km. Thermal and visible conspicuity is excellent and the targets have been exhaustively tested worldwide by the British Army and others.

ThermBright thermal targets are unpowered. This means that training exercises need not be interrupted by dead batteries or unexpected severed cables due to munitions damage. Targets can be easily placed in remote areas without the need for batteries, mains or portable power supply. The simple concept of ThermBright permits the user to maximise the best possible range-time.

There is a clear requirement for thermal targets to support the training and development of combat forces. Conventional targets cannot be seen through TI (Thermal Imager). The versatility of the Thermbright range of targets can be used for all types of surveillance and target acquisition (STA) systems including image intensifiers and thermal imagers. ThermBright is the simplest and most cost effective way of providing thermal targets for weaponry using thermal sights.

Thermbright Unpowered Thermal Targets offer unbeatable value over that of other conventional thermal target solutions on the market. Check out all the benefits of ThermBright target solutions and compare features:

  • No Power Required
  • Day / Night Use
  • Sub Zero Conditions
  • Adverse Weather Conditions
Thermal Targets - Figures
The targets can be manufactured in most shapes and sizes including 3d thermal targets. The main benefit of course is that you can use them anywhere without base facilities. If we say that they reflect the cold energy of space, you will get the idea how they work. The targets however work night and day and during full cloud cover. They have natural thermal contrast properties and the position or appearance of the sun is irrelevant. The smaller targets have a self-adhesive backing and larger targets are stapled to the base. In all the illustrations, the light brown portion will show as cold to a thermal imager and the black area as hot. The cold targets work best and at longer ranges than hot targets.
Thermal Targets - Vehicles
ThermBright targets can be made in any size or shape subject to customer’s requirements, including 3d thermal targets. They can be set up hours, days or even weeks ahead of the exercise. Thermal identification features are easily added. A common feature to all ThermBright Targets is that they can be repaired and reused by the use of ThermBright Repair Patches. Targets are supplied in rolls making shipping and storage simple.
Thermal Calibration Charts
Several Thermal Imager manufacturers have requested, and been supplied, with ThermBright Calibration charts. This gives a common reference point for comparative assessments. Dedicated Zeroing charts can also be supplied for weapon training.